Are you stuck in a job that makes you feel like you are going nowhere? Are you tired of doing the same thing day in day out? Are you alarmed at what is happening in our country today? Would you like to make a difference? There are small groups of dedicated men and women all over the country who do make a difference every day. These are our law enforcement officers. Police Officers in the City of Huntsville are among the finest in the world. They are carefully selected and highly trained. They make a difference in our city. It is not easy to become a Huntsville Police Officer. We are very selective about who we get to protect our streets. Only the very best who apply are chosen. We are looking for the very best to be police officers in one of the most progressive cities in the country.

Recruiting Video

Competitive Salary
$36,712.00 - $56,035.20

**Qualification Requirements**
Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age; possess a valid U.S. driver's license; United States citizenship; no conviction of a felony; or a misdemeanor involving force, violence; force related to domestic violence, or crime of moral turpitude, perjury, or false statements.
Applicants must pass a Police Officer Video Entrance exam (minimum score of 70), a psychological evaluation and physical agility test. Applicants will also be subjected to a background investigation, oral interview and polygraph test. In addition, applicants selected must also pass a drug test and physical examination. Applicants must have graduated and received a regular or advanced high school diploma as approved by the Alabama State Department of Education or equivalent State Board. In the instance of a private high school diploma, the diploma must be the equivalent to the regular or advanced diploma issued by the public schools in Alabama and approved by the State Board of Education. A certificate of high school equivalency (GED) issued by General Education Development is acceptable; minimum of 21 years of age; valid U.S. Driver's License; United States Citizenship; no conviction of a felony; or a misdemeanor involving force or violence; force related to domestic violence, or a crime of moral turpitude, perjury, or false statement


Interested persons may submit an online Job Interest Card by visiting the City of Huntsville’s website at  If you would like additional information about becoming a Police Officer with the City of Huntsville, please contact the Human Resources Department at
(256) 427-5240, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


The Huntsville Police Department is an equal employment opportunity employer. No employee or applicant will be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, lawful political affiliation, or disability (except where physical ability is an essential bona fide occupational qualification).

**Superior Training**
All new police officers hired by the City of Huntsville are required to complete a basic police officer training program at the Huntsville Police Academy.

The basic training program consists of
minimum eighteen (18) weeks of classroom instruction. The program includes training in subjects such as community-oriented policing, problem solving, report writing, firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, law, management of aggressive behavior, communication skills, police Spanish, police & community relations, emergency vehicle operation as well as many other areas.

The curriculum includes a rigorous physical fitness training program and practical hands-on exercises.

After graduation from the Police Academy, the
new officers are required to successfully complete a twelve (12) week Field Training program where they get on-the-job experience while riding with a specially trained Field Training Officer.

After completing a minimum of two (2) years in Uniform Patrol, officers may apply for a position in one of the following specialized units:
Bike Patrol

Bomb Squad

Community Relations Officer

Criminal Investigations

D.U.I. Task Force

Field Training Officer

Honor Guard

K-9 Handler

Organized Crime Unit

Police Academy Staff

School Resource Officer

S.W.A.T. Team

Traffic Enforcement Unit

**Excellent Benefits**
Officers receive thirteen (13) days paid vacation annually.

Additional vacation is earned with ten years or more continued employment.

Sick leave is accumulated at a rate of thirteen (13) days per year.

Officers receive ten (10) paid holidays per year.

Officers are furnished with uniforms and the equipment necessary to perform their daily responsibilities.

Officers receive an annual uniform allowance.

Officers receive up to (21) days annually for military leave.

Officers receive a minimum of forty (40) hours on annual Continuing Education Training.

Officers become eligible for COPP (Community Oriented Policing Program) patrol vehicles to take home after completion of their Field Training program.

Additional benefits offered are:
Life Insurance

State of Alabama Employee Retirement System

Health Insurance

Longevity Pay

Long-term Disability

Bereavement Leave

Unemployment Insurance

Workman's Compensation Coverage

Employees have the option of joining the Alabama Peace Officer's Annuity and Benefit Fund, Flexible Benefit Program and United States Conference of Mayor's Deferred Compensation Program (supplemental retirement program).


**Promotion Opportunities**





Deputy Chief


Individuals applying for the Lateral Entry Program must meet one of the following criteria:
(1) Alabama State Certified Law Enforcement Officer Any officer certified by the
Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (A.P.O.S.T.C.) will be eligible for the Lateral Entry Academy provided they have satisfactorily met all of the Huntsville Police Department Officer Selection Process requirements and have two years experience as a police officer; or,

(2) Out-of-State, Military Police, and Federal Law Enforcement Applicants Must meet the A.P.O.S.T.C. minimum of ten (10) point criteria (see attached) and satisfactorily meet all of the Huntsville Police Department Officer Selection Process requirements in order to be considered for the Lateral Entry Academy. In addition, Out-of-State, Military Police, and Federal Law Enforcement applicants must meet requirements on attached sheet.

For additional information for the position of police officer with the Huntsville Police Department, you may send your Name, Address, Telephone Number, and How you learned of this job opportunity to the address below, via email:

Sgt. King or Lt. Brooks

Huntsville Police Academy

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