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The selection process for the position of police officer is an extremely detailed, intricate and lengthy process. The length of the process is dependent on the number of applicants involved. The projected duration of the process will be approximately
six months
from the date of the physical agility/ability test.


Applicants must meet the following criteria to be accepted into the Huntsville Police Academy

U.S. Citizen

 20 years of age to apply, 21 years of age at time of academy graduation

 Valid driver’s license

 Graduate with high school diploma or GED

 Pass interview board, drug screening, medical examination and polygraph

 Previous military must have received an honorable discharge on DD214


The selection process consists of:

Physical Agility/Physical Abilities Test

Background Investigation
The most time consuming portion of the hiring process. Applicants complete a lengthy Supplemental Information Packet. Internal Affairs conducts a thorough background investigation on each applicant.

Screening of Applicant File
Based on qualifications and the information provided in the background, qualified applicants are scheduled for an interview.

Interview Board
Applicants are scheduled for a structured interview before an Interview Board.

Conditional Offer of Employment
The applicants selected are given a conditional job offer contingent on passing the psychological test, polygraph, medical screening, and drug test.

Pre-polygraph interview

Polygraph Examination

Psychological Examination

Medical Examination

Drug Screening

HPD is an Accredited Academy, offering Veterans the GI Bill/Education Benefit Program

Applicants will be notified by mail of their success or failure of each step,
with the exception of the physical agility/ability test.

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