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HPD Retirees -

We hope you are healthy and enjoying your "retirement"!

The Technical Services Division has a comprehensive email list for retirees that is used to send information of interest. From time to time there are events or information we would like to share with you, and an email list is the most efficient way to do that.

This will be an opt-in list, so if you want to be included, please send a confirmation email to Jason Fanning in our division at Please include your name and current email.  If you would prefer to call us with that information, Jason's direct line is (256) 427-7135.

Please share this information with any other HPD retiree that you have contact with and thanks for your interest and for keeping in touch. Don't forget to forward this information to your HPD retiree contacts as well and let us know if we can ever be of assistance.

ALL Law Enforcement Retirees –

If you are interested in qualifying so you can carry a firearm under HR 218 or LEOSA, here is a link to the law so you can verify you meet federal requirements:

Here is a link to the National FOP containing a FAQ regarding HR 218:

For firing range scheduling, directions or questions, contact the Huntsville Police Academy
at 256-746-4400 or the Rangemaster Tommy Yohe at 256-564-8055 or
Firearms Instructor/Training Advisor Marcus Hendrix at 256-746-4407.

Please note that all retirees must bring their departmental photographic retiree ID card to the firing range. Currently, HPD provides 1 box of 9mm ammo to HPD retirees but provides the qualification service free to all law enforcement retirees. 

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