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Incident Review Board to Look Into Limestone County Shooting


Huntsville, Alabama (July 24, 2006) Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds has directed that an Incident Review Board hear testimony and review evidence surrounding the use of deadly force by members of the Huntsville Police S.W.A.T. Team. The shooting took place on Tuesday, June 27th in Limestone County when federal and local law enforcement agents were serving warrants at 13355 Honey Way in Limestone County. The man who was shot several times was treated and recently released from a local hospital.

 Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said because the shooting took place in Limestone County’s jurisdiction, Sheriff Mike Blakely’s department conducted the original investigation. The Board will review the evidence and determine if the shooting by S.W.A.T. Team members was within departmental policies and procedures, governing the use of deadly force. The Board will comprise of Huntsville Police personnel along with representatives of the Huntsville City Attorney’s Office and the Madison County District Attorney’s Office.

 The findings will be forwarded to Chief Reynolds who will concur or disagree with the Board’s findings. Reynolds will then send the results to Madison County District Attorney Tim Morgan for his review and presentation to the grand jury which will determine if all of the investigations were conducted properly.

 The Review Board will convene on August 1st, in Conference room A, 2nd floor, Public Safety Center at 815 Wheeler Avenue.