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Eleven Charged in West Precinct Prostitution Detail


Huntsville, Alabama (April 25, 2006) West Precinct undercover Officers arrested 10 women on various prostitution and drug charges, and one 16-year-old juvenile male was charged with Possession of Cocaine during the early morning detail.

West Precinct Commander, Captain Lewis Morris said, “Our Officers are constantly working with citizens in the community to identify problems such as vacant and abandoned properties, drug houses, homeless issues and prostitution. Because of these efforts, we are seeing some homes remodeled by property owners.” Lewis added Monday’s arrests were concentrated in the Lowe Mill area.

 (1) Cindy Bridges, DOB 5-3-1971, charged with Soliciting Prostitution.

(2) Patricia Hillard, DOB 1-9-1966, charged with Soliciting Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

(3) Janice Strong, DOB 1-18-65, charged with Soliciting Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

(4)                           *Leah Barcal, DOB 8-19-1972, charged with Soliciting Prostitution.

(5) Linda Collins, DOB 10-03-1948, charged with Soliciting Prostitution.

(6)   Mary Williams, DOB 10-08-1979, Loitering for Soliciting Prostitution.

(7) Ashley Taymon, DOB 10-19-1986, Soliciting Prostitution.

(8) Elizabeth Lamb, DOB 5-25-1977, Soliciting Prostitution.

(9) Floria West, DOB 9-21-1968, Soliciting Prostitution and Possession of Cocaine.

(10)                        *Rebecca Terrell, DOB 12-10-1971 was not arrested yesterday, but a warrant will be obtained for Soliciting Prostitution.

 *Editor’s Note: No mug shots for Leah Barcal, Rebecca Terrell and juvenile.