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Tip From Concerned Citizen Shuts Down Meth Lab Near High School         

Huntsville, Alabama (April 7, 2006) A major Meth production and distribution network has been shut down just 800 feet from Butler High School. Gerry Norris, Commander of the STAC Team said Agents executed a search warrant at 705 Hal Street late April 5th.  They located an active methamphetamine lab with eight occupants and two small children. Norris stopped short of providing additional information because of possible copycat meth producers, but the occupants used an entirely different method in cooking the product. Inside the residence were a complex surveillance system, a Glock 9mm pistol, methamphetamine, marijuana and numerous other controlled substances. The DEA, (Drug Enforcement Agency) dispatched an environmental management contractor to clean up the site where hazardous materials were found throughout the house.

 The children found in the home were released to the custody of DHR. All subjects were charged with Unlawful Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, First Degree. Several suspects face additional charges in the ongoing investigation. The following individuals were booked on federal charges into the Madison County Metro Jail.

 1.      David Wayne Fuel, DOB12-22-1960 of Scottsboro, Alabama

2.      Erik Todd Sears, DOB 3-19-1970 of Huntsville, Alabama

3.      Jeremy Ray Mayhall, DOB 10-31-1977 of Grant, Alabama

4.      Christian Grant Broadway, DOB 07-02-1980 of Huntsville, Alabama

5.      Demetra Michelle Love, DOB 09-28-1984 of Hazel Green, Alabama

6.      Kristine Marie Hardy, DOB 12-09-1980 of Huntsville, Alabama

7.      Kristy Marie Doran, DOB 12-09-1980 of Scottsboro, Alabama

8.      Laura Marie Smith, DOB 10-12-1981 of Huntsville, Alabama