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Huntsville Police Announce DUI Checkpoints


Huntsville, Alabama (December 26, 2006) Huntsville Police Department’s DUI Task Force is ready for the New Years weekend with checkpoints scheduled across the city. Sergeant Juan Joyner said Officers from all three Precincts will be out in force targeting individuals who drink and drive. So far this year, the Task Force has made 1,234 DUI arrests. Fifty-seven arrests were felonies and 157 were under the age of 21. Under Alabama law, a person over the age of 21 is legally intoxicated when they register .08 on the BAT. Juveniles are considered legally intoxicated at .02.


In addition, Joyner said Officers will look for motorists who ignore the posted speed limits and traffic signals, and display aggressive driving. They will also look for drivers who do not wear seat belts, have expired vehicle tags or other equipment violations on their vehicle. The following checkpoint locations are being announced as a public education and information campaign to ensure individuals have a Designated Driver. The announced checkpoints will be set up in the following locations December 29th – January 1st, 2007, from 11:30 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. There will also be checkpoints during the day.


1. South Memorial Parkway and Hobbs Road

2. South Memorial Parkway and Martin Road

3. Church Street and Pratt Avenue        

4. Pratt Avenue. and Andrew Jackson

5. Bob Wallace and Jordan Lane

6. Jordan Lane and Holmes Avenue

7. Jordan Lane and 9th  Avenue

8. Pulaski Pike and Oakwood Avenue

9. Whitesburg Drive and Teakwood Drive