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STAC Team Sweep Streets Targeting Drug Dealers & Gangs

Huntsville, Alabama (November 9, 2006) A six week long campaign to crack down on street level drug trafficking has led to numerous arrests and drugs being confiscated from the streets. Madison-Morgan County STAC Team Commander, Sgt. Gerry Norris said his Agents hit area hotels, street corners and neighborhood drug houses in the ongoing campaign.


Norris said, “Agents have spent thousands of hours working on tips from concerned citizens regarding drug and gang activities in Huntsville. During the sweep, we arrested forty-six people for Trafficking and Selling Marijuana, Cocaine and Methamphetamine. Some were booked into the Madison County Jail or the “D” Home on various weapons charges, along with a variety of other drug and gang related activities.” Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds said, “The Department has stepped up its enforcement because of the rise in robberies committed by individuals who need money to buy drugs. We want to encourage citizens to continue to inform law enforcement of any and all illegal activities in Huntsville and surrounding communities.”  


As a result of the combined efforts of the STAC Team and Huntsville Police, the following items have been confiscated; 20 weapons, fifty-five pounds of marijuana, approximately 250 grams of crack cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy along other prescription drugs being sold illegally.


Please note the following arrests, charges and drug houses that have been shut down as a direct result of the recent and ongoing criminal sweeps:



  1. Matthew Ewing Sledge (DOB 03-07-1983) charged with Distribution of Marijuana at 4020 Hunters Ridge Drive, #6
  2. Anthony Charles Allen (DOB 06-23-1981) charged with Distribution of Methamphetamine at 711 Mathis Drive.
  3. Arrested numerous juveniles for Sale of Crack Cocaine and Firearms Violations at 3601 Governors Drive
  4. Jerome Eric Williamson DOB 08-08-1977 and
    Christopher Dewayne Rodgers DOB 06-06-1974 both charged with Distribution of Crack Cocaine at various hotels along University Drive.
  5. Tamesha M. Oliver DOB 02-12-1983 Possession of Cocaine at 2604 Governors Drive.
  6. Arrested 4 juveniles and two adults operating a crack house at 2305 Oakwood Avenue.
  7. Deonta Lajuan Turner (DOB 1-28-1983) and Tyrone Turner (DOB 07-04-1985) operating a crack house at 3118 Adonna Drive.
  8. Arrested 3 juveniles involved in street dealing of crack cocaine and marijuana at 3621 Patton Road.
  9. Howard Earl Pinchon (DOB 12-13-1978) charged with Distribution of Crack Cocaine at 5000 Stag Run Circle.
  10. Leonard Edward Williams (DOB 10-07-1976) charged with Trafficking in Marijuana at 6620 Old Madison Pike.
  11. Milton Tyrone Cawthorne (DOB 03-16-1969) charged with Possession of Marijuana.
  12. Chad Wilbourn (DOB 11-18-1982) charged with Felony Possession of Marijuana at 2404 Old Blue Springs Road.
  13. Arrested 4 juveniles charged with Selling of Crack Cocaine at Holmes Avenue at Fairway.
  14. Arrested 2 juveniles charged with Selling of Cocaine at 2614 Governors Drive.