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Huntsville Police Chief Promotes Two in Department


Huntsville, Alabama (November 3, 2006) Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds promoted two officers during a Friday morning ceremony. Thomas Presley, a 14-year-veteran with the Department has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Presley has worked in the Fox Unit, Vice and Narcotics, now known as the STAC Unit, the Mobile Field Force, the Honor Guard and more recently as the Training Supervisor for the department’s Police Training Academy.  Over his career he has received numerous awards and citations to include the Officer of the Year Award in 2002 and the Supervisor of the Year award in 2005.


Officer Dewayne McCarver has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. McCarver has been with the Department since 1995. During that period he has served in a variety of specialized areas to include the Fox Unit, the Honor Guard, and the Mobile Field Force and as a Training Instructor with the Police Academy. McCarver has received 6 commendations as well as a Purple Heart in 2005 and he was selected as the Officer of the Year in 2005.


Police Chief Rex Reynolds said both men are deserving of the promotions. Reynolds said, “I am especially proud to promote Lt. Presley and Sgt. McCarver because I have seen them develop professionally to represent outstanding Officers within the department. They represent the values and dedication our department strives to achieve in the Academy and on the street serving the citizens of Huntsville.”

Pictured L to R:
Lt. Presley, Chief Reynolds, Sgt. McCarver