815 Wheeler Avenue      Huntsville, Alabama  35801

Lewis Morris
Chief of Police
(256) 427-7001
Dr. Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
(256) 427-7043


Huntsville Police Respond to Tense Situation


Huntsville, Alabama (December 14, 2012) On December 14, 2012, Huntsville Police Officers responded to the 4700 block of Bob Wallace to a domestic incident, which included a report of a subject attempting to cause bodily harm to himself and others.  Officers contained the offender and after a short period he was taken into custody.  The subject was taken to Huntsville Hospital for evaluation.  There were no charges pressed at this time.


Due to the proximity of this event to Westlawn Middle School, administrators were notified of the situation and took appropriate measures.  Huntsville Police School Resource Officers were present at Westlawn during the entire event.