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Award to Be Presented



Huntsville, Alabama (July 26, 2011) On July 28, 2011 at the Huntsville City Council meeting, Officer Micky Brantley will receive the Medal of Valor and a Lifesaving Medal.


Officer Micky Brantley – Medal of Valor and Lifesaving Medal


Specifically, on January 13, 2011, Officer Micky Brantley saved the life of two adults and one child from a burning house, thus putting the safety of others ahead of his own without hesitation.


Officer Brantley while on patrol started to smell smoke and immediately searched his location for the source when he observed a house that was on fire. As he approached the house he heard screaming from the house and saw a female and small child standing in the doorway. As he was escorting them to a safe area he learned that there were others in the house. Officer Brantley without hesitation entered the burning house in an attempt to rescue the other occupants. The smoke was thick and heavy, and flames were starting to burn through the roof, as he entered the first room he came to, he found a male crawling on the floor. He grabbed the male and escorted him out of the burning house, but again learned there was a child in the house. In a second attempt Officer Brantley entered the fully engulfed house to save the small child. He called out for the child, but did not get a response. Assisting officers arrived on the scene and quickly started going to each window and door of the house checking for any other occupants of the house, but were unable to make entry because of the heavy smoke and intense heat.


Once the fire was eliminated by the Huntsville Fire Department a search of the house was conducted and a three year old female and a thirty-one year old male were found, both deceased as a result of the fire.


Because of Officer Brantley’s concern and compassion for others, two adults and one child were rescued from a fiery and almost certain death.