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Mark Hudson
Chief of Police
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Dr. Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
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Attempted Murder of Huntsville Police Officer


Huntsville, Alabama (December 30, 2011) On December 29, 2011, Huntsville Police Officers responded to a call to “check subject” at 6275 University Drive.  Officers arrived at 22:21 hours and attempted to stop the offender’s vehicle.  The driver refused to stop, struck a police vehicle and then attempted to run over a police Officer.  The Officer fired his service weapon at the offender.  Officers stopped the vehicle and HEMSI transported the offender to Huntsville Hospital for evaluation.

The incident is being investigated by the Department’s Major Crimes Unit and the Internal Affairs Division. Once the investigation is completed, Chief Hudson has ordered an Incident Review Board convene to review the facts and determine if the Officers’ actions were within departmental policy. The board will include a Huntsville Police Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant. Also present during the Incident Review Board will be representatives from the City Attorney’s Office and the Madison County District Attorney’s Office. The Officer involved has been placed in an administrative status pending the outcome of the Investigation.

The offender is facing charges of attempted murder and criminal mischief. 

The offender’s name and mug shot will be released when charged and booked into Madison County Metro Jail.