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Chief of Police
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Communications Relations Officer
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Huntsville Police Announce Burglary Task Force


Huntsville, Alabama (December 12, 2011) Huntsville Police Chief Mark Hudson announces the initiation of a burglary task force.  On November 1, 2011 a burglary detail was initiated in response to the increase of burglaries in the city of Huntsville that had occurred in September and October of 2011.  The burglary
detail has resulted in 61 arrests for burglary related offenses from November 1, 2011 to December 9, 2011.  During the same time frame last year, the Huntsville Police Department had made 30 arrests for burglary related offenses.

Although the burglary detail has been successful, the Huntsville Police Department is now initiating a burglary task force that will include investigators specifically assigned to target burglary offenders.

During the months of September and October 2010 versus September and October 2011 there was a 24% increase in total burglaries for the city of Huntsville.  During the month of November 2011, the city of Huntsville reported 262 burglaries.  Of those 262, 219 were residential and 43 were commercial. During the month of November 2010, the city of Huntsville reported 223 burglaries. There has been a 15% increase of burglaries for the city in November 2011 versus November 2010. 

Chief Hudson feels that with the initiation of the Burglary Task Force along with the ongoing Burglary Prevention Awareness Campaign and partnering with associations like the Huntsville Community Watch Association will enable the city to reduce the number of burglaries.