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Interim Chief of Police
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Communications Relations Officer
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Awards to Be Presented


Huntsville, Alabama (October 24, 2011) On October 27, 2011 at the Huntsville City Council meeting, Officers Chad Bryant and Kevin Lawson will receive the Lifesaving Medals.
Officer Trista Kinsey will receive the Meritorious Service Medal.


 Officer Chad Bryant – Life Saving Medal 


On July 12, 2011 Community Relations Officer Chad Bryant of our West Precinct was assisting agents of the Alabama Bureau of Investigations, and NASA in executing a search warrant whereas, the offender had attempted suicide. As agents attempted to execute the warrant, the offender began fighting agents and had severely cut himself on his neck and arms with a razor. Once the offender was under control Officer Bryant through his paramedic training experience administered medical attention, by providing oxygen and trauma bandages to the offender’s neck and wrist wounds. Once HEMSI arrived, the offender was transported to the Huntsville ER for further treatment where he was admitted, and ultimately survived his suicide attempt. Officer Bryant’s professionalism and knowledge are commendable and appreciated. Additionally, it should be noted that Officer Bryant received special recognition from the office of the Assistant Inspector General, Mr. Kevin Wynters.  



Officer Kevin Lawson – Lifesaving Medal 


On April 30, 2011 Officer Kevin Lawson of our South Precinct was dispatched to a call regarding a possible suicide attempt. The original call came from a relative of the female victim indicating that she was sitting in a vehicle parked in the garage while it was running attempting to kill herself. Once Officer Lawson arrived at the residence he made several attempts to open the garage door and an exterior door, but found they were both locked. Officer Lawson acknowledged the possibility of a life in jeopardy and made a forced entry through the back exterior door of the garage. The victim was unconscious and was pulled from the vehicle, then transported to Huntsville Hospital for further treatment. Officer Lawson’s quick response and actions on the scene saved the life of the victim who had been exposed to deadly automotive exhaust.    


Officer Trista Kinsey – Meritorious Service Medal 

On May 1, 2011 Officer Trista Kinsey of our South Precinct responded to an attempted suicide call where a female victim was struggling with her father inside their home. The victim had possession of a ceramic kitchen knife and had already cut her wrists and upper arms. Her father was trying to get the knife from her, but he was unable to do so, and in fact received a cut to his hand as a result of the struggle. Without hesitation, Officer Kinsey grabbed the victims arm and pried the knife out of her hands. Officer Kinsey’s quick actions prevented further injury to the victim and her father. It should be noted that this incident occurred in the aftermath of the April 27th tornado where all the officers had worked nearly double their normal duty hours in the previous days. Officer Kinsey’s compassion and calm in the face of danger brings credit to herself and the Huntsville Police Department.