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Mark Hudson
Interim Chief of Police
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Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
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Huntsville Police Release Findings of Incident Review Board

Huntsville, Alabama (December 8, 2010) Huntsville Police Chief Mark Hudson concurs with the unanimous findings of a Departmental Incident Review
Board that the November 15th use of deadly force was “In Policy.” Police spokesman Harry Hobbs said the Board met on Tuesday, December 7th, to examine
evidence and hear testimony surrounding the shooting incident of 49 year-old Darrell Doak Callahan. After careful review of the evidence, the Board concluded
that the Officer’s actions were in accordance with Departmental policies.

This incident began in Morgan County when Callahan robbed a pharmacy in Morgan City.  Huntsville Police attempted to stop his vehicle on Memorial Parkway
near Whitesburg Drive.  Callahan refused to stop and Officers initiated a pursuit.  Callahan’s vehicle struck another motorist at Airport and Memorial Parkway
during the pursuit.  The offender exited the vehicle and attempted to leave the scene on foot. Officers followed and repeatedly ordered the subject to stop and
show his hands.  The subject refused to comply, produced a hand gun and turned towards the Officers with the weapon in his hand.  The subject was then shot
by a Huntsville Police Officer.  The offender was transported to the Huntsville Hospital by HEMSI where his injuries were determined to be non-life threatening.
The offender is currently in the Metro County Jail awaiting trial.