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Huntsville Police Department joins with Law Enforcement Agencies to Stop Underage
 Drinking at Big Spring Jam XVII September 25-27, 2009


Huntsville, Alabama (September 21, 2009) Huntsville’s largest annual outdoor music festival begins this weekend and local Law Enforcement will be on hand to keep the festivities safe and legal. Because alcohol will be sold during the three day festival, multiple agencies are preparing to crack down on any underage drinking and/or purchasing of alcohol.


Several Law Enforcement Agencies will team up with private security officers to monitor sales of alcoholic beverages throughout the three day event. Madison County Sheriff Department deputies will be posted at each entrance gate as all packages will be checked by security officers prior to entering the park. The Huntsville Police Department will have uniform and plain clothes investigators inside of the event while monitoring all stages and events from an on-site Command Post. Alabama State A.B.C. Officers will be on-hand throughout the event to monitor alcohol sales and underage drinking. All state and local laws will be enforced with special attention to the illegal sales and use of alcohol by minors. All event attendees will be identified and verified to be at least twenty-one years of age in order to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Reminder: all packages and purses are subject to be checked at entrance gates to prohibit the entrance of any outside alcoholic beverage to the event and “pass-outs” will be highly restricted after 7PM.


In addition with the cooperation of law enforcement and concerned parents, an internal “hot-line” has been established for reporting underage consumption of alcoholic beverages or other public safety issues.  Emergency Services Command Post personnel and Alabama ABC Enforcement Agents will monitor the hot line and respond to all complaints.  The number is 256-551-2240.