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Huntsville, Alabama  35801

Henry Reyes
Police Chief
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Sgt. Mark Roberts
Public Information Officer
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Huntsville Police Announce Safety Checkpoint Results


Huntsville, Alabama (May 28, 2009): Huntsville Police Department announced the results of DUI checkpoints for the month of May through Memorial Day.  The DUI Checkpoints were partially funded by North Alabama Traffic Safety Office (NATSO) as part of the Memorial Day Blitz Campaign.  The DUI enforcement efforts are part of a comprehensive plan to remind motorist to drive safely and buckle up.  The Memorial Day Blitz Campaign will continue through May 31st


Checkpoint results:

         DUI Arrest         13

         Citations             126

         Impoundments   17


Huntsville Police Chief Henry Reyes urges motorist to exercise caution when behind the wheel of a vehicle and never drink and drive!