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House Moves May Impact Traffic


                     Huntsville, Alabama (March 12, 2009) Don Kennedy and Sons House Moving Company will have two house moves on Friday of this week.  The moves may impact traffic in the areas of Lakeside Drive, S Loop Road, Holmes Avenue, and Jordan Lane.  The first move from Erskine Street to Highway 53 is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. with the second move to begin directly after.  Both moves will take less than one hour total for completion. 


The following lists the starting points and final destination of the moves:


March 13, 2009:  705 Erskine Street to 3202 Hwy 53 (sales lot).  The first move will proceed from Erskine Street to Lakeside Drive and turn left on S Loop.  The move will turn right on Holmes Avenue, ending at 3202 Highway 53.  


March 13, 2009:  4613 Austin Avenue to 3202 Hwy 53 (sales lot).  The second move will start at 4613 Austin Avenue.  They will turn left on Erskine Street, left on Lakeside Drive, proceed left on S Loop Road, turn right on Holmes Avenue, ending at 3202 Highway 53.


Weather conditions could cause a delay or rescheduling of the move.