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Huntsville Police Detail Nets 24 Offenders for Sexual Misconduct 


Huntsville, Alabama (August 21, 2008) Officers from the Huntsville Departmentís Community Relations Unit conducted a week long undercover detail at the Overlook located at 2251 Governors Drive. This detail was in response to complaints from citizens about male homosexual activity that has been taking place at one of the communityís most scenic sites. The Huntsville Police Department has partnered with other city resources to make some environmental changes and to provide a zero tolerance for this type of activity taking place at any of our parks. Persons that are arrested will be charged with Sexual Misconduct and can face fines, jail time, probation, and be required to register as sex offenders after their conviction.


Huntsville Police have obtained warrants for twenty two offenders and made two on site arrests for Sexual Misconduct in the short time they have conducted their operation. The offenders are being contacted to come to the Police Department to turn themselves in or face officers coming to their home or business and being arrested. All offenders were trespassed from all city parks for a period of one year and will face being arrested if they violate that trespass warning. Huntsville Police want to ensure the public that we will continue to target all locations that are being used for criminal and immoral activities in Huntsville. 


The following is a list of offenders that warrants have been obtained or an arrest has been made:


 John Mitchell Vaughn, 54 years of age, 577 Granada Road, Arab, Al.

 Steven Mark Loftin, 48 years of age, 1210 Dale, Dr. Huntsville

 Phillip Wayne Jackson, 62 years of age, 12345 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville

Anthony Sparks, 53 years of age, 3617 Apt B Fairview DR., Huntsville

Brian Lee Karr, 37 years of age, 1102 Locust St., Huntsville

 Anthony Ray Cox, 28 years of age, 11707 S. Parkway Lot 59, Huntsville

Michael Windeller, 54 years of age, 2605 Quailridge Dr., Huntsville

 Christopher Whittman, 19 years of age, 1159 Opp Reynolds Rd., Toney

 Anthony Charles Hart, 51 years of age, 100 Terrace Trail #820, Huntsville

Michael Eugene Posey, 46 years of age, 181 Brian Dr., Ardmore, Al.

Ronald Glenn Matthews, 65 years of age, 1808 Winston St., Guntersville

Franklin Fleming, 68 years of age, 2705 Scenic Dr. Huntsville

Everett Pritchett, 69 years of age, 715 Bybee Branch RD., McMinnville, Tn.


George Clark Broom, 55 years of age, 3907 Pinedale Ave., Huntsville


Ralph Brown, 69 years of age, 8507 Manhatten Dr., Huntsville


Barry Lacker Fowler, 66 years of age, 401 Drake Ave., Huntsville

Roy Richard Anderton, 59 years of age, 725 Anderton Rd., Scottsboro

Merle Allen Jones, 84 years of age, 1014 Tascosa Dr., Huntsville

Bernard Lee Chesley, 34 years of age, 216 Maddux CT. Huntsville

 Edwin Durand Alexander, 60 years of age, 2463 Mt. Vernon Rd., Huntsville

 Edwin Lee Inzer, 68 Years of age, 180 Victory Lane, Owens Cross Roads


 Darius Antonio Lane, 26 years of age, 4616 Daugette Dr., Huntsville

 Armando Santiago, 25 years of age, 2304 Apt B Windtrace, Huntsville

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James Ragsdale, 31 years of age, 47 London Dr., Arab