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Huntsville Police Arrest Man For Vehicle Break-ins


Huntsville, Alabama (June 6, 2008) Police Officers in the West Precinct knew they had a problem at the Indian Creek Walking Trail on Old Madison Pike. Numerous people had complained that their vehicles had been broken into and their purses and wallets were stolen. The credit cards were typically used at local gas stations. Spokesman Wendell Johnson said the victims had one thing in common. They were targeted because they left their personnel items in plain site on their car seats.


Police then increased patrols in the area looking for a suspected vehicle. Tuesday, Officers observed Yamond Omare Williams, age 28, attempting to break into a vehicle and they quickly apprehended him. Williams was charged with 1 count Attempting Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, and one count of Possession of Burglars Tools. Additional charges are anticipated. He was booked into the Madison County Jail. Johnson said many of these break-ins could have been avoided. Nation wide and locally, car break-ins are on the rise because they are crimes of opportunity.  Safety tips for your vehicle: Reduce the risk of being a target.


*Always lock your car and close all of the windows.

*Never leave valuable items, purses, wallets and including CDs, in plain view. Lock them in the trunk before you get to the walking trail. Criminals are watching.

*Purchase removable stereos or stereos with face plates.

*Walk with a cell phone so if you spot suspicious activity --- call 911.

*Park and lock your vehicle in well lighted areas. Criminals love unsecured vehicles in parks and walk ways in crowded areas.