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Top Priority for Huntsville Police -
 DUI  Checkpoints and Click It or Ticket


Huntsville, Alabama (May 23, 2008)  The Huntsville Police Department’s DUI Task Force will set up checkpoints across the City Memorial Day weekend. The checkpoints will run from Friday, May 23, 2008 through Tuesday, May 27, 2008. Lieutenant Mark McMurray announced today some checkpoints will be promoted in advance, while others will be randomly set up across Huntsville. Police Officers from the 3 Precincts in addition to the Traffic Task Force will set up the previously announced Click It or Ticket, “Hot Spots” founded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


McMurray said, “Officers have instructions to strictly enforce all traffic laws in an effort to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. Preventing motorists from Driving under the Influence will be our primary concern. We strongly advise motorists not to drink and drive because the Department is #1 in the state with DUI arrests.” McMurray added, as of May 23rd, the DUI Task Force has arrested 612 people for DUI, issued 3,309 traffic citations and impounded 131 vehicles.


Under Alabama State Law, an adult is legally intoxicated when they register .08 on the BAT. Juveniles are legally intoxicated at .02. Motorists will also be cited for failure to wear a seat belt, failure to have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and valid vehicle tags. Drivers should obey all posted speed limits, traffic signs and signals. Finally, a driver can be cited if an open container of alcohol is found inside the vehicle, even if passengers are consuming the drink.


The following DUI Checkpoint locations are just a few being announced in advance;


Whitesburg Drive and Drake Avenue.                                                                    

Whitesburg Drive and Teakwood.  

South Memorial Parkway and Hobbs Island Road.

Wall Triana and Electronics Blvd.

University Drive and Jeff Road

South Memorial Parkway and Martin Road

Jordan Lane and 9th Street.

University Drive and Church Street.