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Twenty-three charged with DUI New Year’s Weekend


Huntsville, Alabama (January 2, 2008) Huntsville Police Chief Henry Reyes announced today that 23 people were arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence during the four day New Year’s Holiday. Two DUI arrests were for juveniles. Also 155 citations were issued and nine vehicles were impounded.

DUI arrests were down compared to 2006 with 33 arrests. Reyes attributed the decrease in DUI arrests this year to aggressive traffic enforcement. So far in 2007, there were 24 traffic fatalities, four of which were DUI related. Reyes said, “The reduction could have been impacted by increased public awareness of DUI and other Traffic Enforcement issues from the state and local level to get people to slow down and obey posted traffic signs and signals.” Reyes said the Department in 2008 will be even more aggressive in its traffic enforcement efforts especially at major intersections.


These included strong PSA’s relating to traffic enforcement campaigns such as the “Click-It or Ticket”; “Take Back Our Highways”; and “Over the Limit, Under Arrest”. Reyes said the various federally funded grants under Northeast Alabama Traffic Safety Office allowed Huntsville Police and the DUI Task Force to work 200 man-hours in over-time enforcement. Reyes added “We strongly believe that these programs and our efforts by the Huntsville Police Department to eliminate targeted violations have had a positive influence to get motorists to alter their behavior behind the wheel. Because of enhanced enforcement, Huntsville continues to see a decline in traffic fatalities.”


Traffic fatalities in 2007 ----- 24

Traffic fatalities in 2006 ----- 36

Traffic fatalities in 2005 ----- 43