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Suspects Arrested After Investigation

Huntsville, Alabama (November 24, 2008) On Thursday, November 20, 2008, an ongoing investigation by the Madison/Morgan County STrAtegic Counterdrug (STAC) Team, was concluded with the execution of several search warrants and the arrests of several suspects.  The operation was a joint effort of the STAC Team, the Huntsville Police Departmentís SWAT team, and support was also provided by Madison Police Department.  As a result, the STAC Team shut down a Mexican-based drug trafficking organization operating in Huntsville, and Madison, and seized a large quantity of Cocaine (over 13 pounds) and Marijuana (approx. 35 pounds).


During the operation on Thursday, the following residences were searched, and listed evidence was seized:


5027 Lyngail Drive, Huntsville

One Quarter Ounce of Marijuana


103 Liza Lane, Madison

Small Amount of Marijuana

4.5 Ounces of Cocaine


7900 Old Madison Pike

One Quarter Ounce of Cocaine

8 Ecstasy Pills


233 Pine Ridge Road, Madison

Approximately 35 Pounds of Marijuana


1702 Jeannette Circle, Huntsville

One Half Ounce of Methamphetamine


During the surveillance of those locations, several vehicles were stopped. One of the stops resulted in the following seizure

of six (6) Kiloís of Cocaine which was found in a hidden compartment in the vehicle.


The following arrests were made as a result of the above listed investigations, search warrants, and take downs:



Decouruise Preyer

BM, 22 yrs old

Huntsville, Alabama

Trafficking in Cocaine


Ray Jefferson

BM, 26

Madison, Alabama

Trafficking in Cocaine/Possession of Marijuana


Andres Perez

HM, 19

Los Angeles, California

Trafficking in Cocaine/Possession of Methamphetamine


Sharetha Hayden

BF, 21

Huntsville, Alabama

Trafficking in Cocaine


Carlos Alveay
HM, 30