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Huntsville Police Make Arrests In Series of Robberies


Huntsville, Alabama (February 26, 2007) Investigators with the Huntsville Police Departmentís West Precinct have solved a series of armed robberies where the suspects targeted Hispanic males who carried large sums of cash. Investigator Bonnie Maciorski said 18-year-old Brandon Cortez Young and 20-year-old Calvin Lamar James have both been charged with one count each of Robbery 2nd Degree even though they are suspected in 7 cases. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending. Maciorski said we solved these robberies because of good communications between Investigators and Officers in the field. We identified one of the men who wore a grey stripped hooded jacket in several of the robberies. 


Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said we have been working with the Hispanic community on crime prevention and gaining the trust of Officers. Some Hispanics are reluctant to report a crime. These two men would wait at a store and watch the Hispanic males count large sums of cash to pay for items. They would then allegedly rob their victims in the parking lot or follow them back to their homes. Both suspects have been booked into the Madison County Metro Jail.