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Calls for Service, Arrests and Citations Up, Complaints Down


Huntsville, Alabama (February 14, 2007) There are over 600 employees with the Huntsville Police Department, three-hundred-and-ninety-three are Police Officers. These employees are constantly providing service to citizens in the community on a daily basis. As the Rocket City continues to grow so does the workload which shows a major increase in several categories.


In 2006, Officers arrested a total of 13,149 people, an increase of 12.8 % compared with 2005ís number of 11,656. Citations (tickets) issued by Officers jumped 37.3 % from 27,339 in 2005 to 37,549 last year. Finally, Officers responding to calls for service increased 9.3% from 158,677 in 2005 to 173,464 in 2006.


With the above increase in work, ironically complaints against police employees dropped nearly 13.1% from 107 in 2005 to 93 in 2006. In 2006, the Internal Affairs Division investigated and/or coordinated the investigation of 55 cases. Those cases resulted in 93 allegations of misconduct against sixty-seven Officers or civilian employees. Forty-four of those allegations were unfounded. In 2005, 107 were filed and sixty-seven were unfounded.


Acting Police Chief Henry Reyes and his staff discussed the recent statistics and agreed the concept of community policing is paying dividends. They also concluded the Departmentís extensive pre-hiring background investigations, training, high standards of service, and employees entering the Department under accreditation guidelines established by the Commission of on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) have all made a difference in the quality of Officers hired.



Reyes said, ďIím very proud of our employees, the performance of their jobs and in the quality of service they provide to the citizens in our community. Until Accreditation, many law enforcement agencies had different operating policies and procedures and CALEA provides you with a specific set of guidelines.  CALEA Assessors recently gave the Department its best rating ever. Out of over 400 compliance standards, the Huntsville Police Department had a perfect score.Ē Reyes added that he is a firm believer in rules, regulations and guidelines to be a truly professional law enforcement agency.



The break-down in numbers



2005 Arrests --- 11,656

2006 Arrests --- 13,149


2005 Tickets --- 27,339

2006 Tickets --- 37,549


2005 IA Complaints --- 107

2006 IA Complaints ---   93


2005 Calls for Service --- 158,677

2006 Calls for Service --- 173,464