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Huntsville Police to Target Hot Spot Locations in December


Huntsville, Alabama (November 27, 2007) Effective December 1, 2007, the Huntsville Police Department will target “Hot Spots” to reduce crashes and fatalities, increase visibility and enforce all traffic laws. Spokesman Wendell Johnson said the state funded NASHO grant will allow Officers to concentrate at pre-selected locations that are considered the most hazardous in Huntsville according to State statistics. The DUI Task Force will also use the state funding to set up additional check-points during December. Johnson said while Officers are working the “Safe Shopping Detail” at large and small shopping centers motorists can also expect high Police visibility at many intersections to ensure all traffic laws are being obeyed. The following is a list of “Hot Spot” locations provided by the State of Alabama;


Old Madison Pike between Slaughter Road & Diamond Drive.

Drake Avenue & Penny Street.

Jordan Lane & Highway 53 at Sparkman.

Mastin Lake & Pulaski Pike.

Pulaski Pike & University Drive.

Plummer Road between Cedar Crest Drive & Research Park Blvd County Road 53.

Shawmont & Blue Springs.

Blue Springs & Sparkman Drive.

Bideford Drive & Liecester Drive (South Parkway at English Drive).

Between Autumn Chase at Green Mountain Road and Shawdee Road North.

Bailey Cove & Willowbrook Drive.

Blevins Gap & Sequoyah Trail.

Clinton Avenue & Monroe Street

Louis Drive & McBride Drive between Quail Hollow Road & Cecil Ashburn Drive.





Top 10 Contributing Circumstances for Traffic Crashes.


Failure to yield the right of way.

Following too close.

Misjudged stopping distance.

Driver not in control of vehicle.

Unseen object/person/vehicle.

Failure to head traffic sign/signal.

Improper lane change/usage.

Unknown factors.

Avoiding object/person/vehicle.

Other factors.