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Man Strikes Officer with Vehicle  Charged with Attempted Murder


Huntsville, Alabama (May 22, 2007) Twenty-three-year old Rudy Zandoval of Huntsville is in the Madison County Metro Jail this morning charged with Attempted Murder and Resisting Arrest. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Officer James Smart was in the 4100 block of Jamison Drive checking on suspected drug activity about 9:00 p.m. Monday. As he approached a 1996 Toyota Corolla, the Officer saw several suspects running from the scene. Officer Smart got out of his patrol vehicle to talk with the driver who ignored his requests to roll down his vehicle window. The driver started his vehicle and put it into gear. Again, Officer Smart gave the driver several commands in English and in Spanish to turn the vehicle off. Officer Smart pulled his weapon out and directed the driver to get out of the vehicle.


The driver ran into Officer Smart hitting him in the leg, and fled the scene. After Officer Smart and responding Officers caught up with the driver, Zandoval fought with Officers while resisting arrest.


Johnson said Zandoval told Officers he was an illegal alien from Mexico and was afraid of the Police. He had existing warrants for Driving without a License, Violation of the Mandatory Vehicle Insurance and two Counts of Failure to Appear in Court.