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Local Business to Honor HPD Public Safety Aides


Huntsville, Alabama (May 18, 2007) The Wesfam-Burger King will hold its annual breakfast to honor Huntsville Police Public Safety Aides on Friday, May 18, 2007 at 8:30 a.m. at the American Legion Post 237 (2900 Drake Avenue.) John Wessel, Vice President said, “This tradition dates back to 1974, when our family started to host a free breakfast and provide gifts for Crossing Guards who protect our children as they travel to and from our public and private schools. We invite their families, school and police officials to recognize these public safety employees for a job well done.”


Police Chief Henry Reyes said our Public Safety Aides are responsible for safely crossing on average about 10,000 students daily at public and private schools. Reyes said, “They do an outstanding job of directing traffic, safely escorting our children and we have been very fortunate not to have a child injured by a passing vehicle at any of our crosswalks while our employees were on duty. We are very appreciative of the Wesfam-Burger King family and all businesses that honor our employees.”


The Huntsville Police Department currently has 92 permanent part-time employees and two full time supervisors. Public Safety Aides also assist Traffic Services working special details like Panoply, Big Spring Jam and the June Black Arts Festival.