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Most B&E's are crimes of opportunity, which means it is preventable if you take actions to prevent the opportunity.

B&E's at residence happen mostly at night when most people are asleep.

B&E's away from residence happen during the day and evening hours with more on the weekends than weekdays

B&E's can occur anywhere, anytime.

If you witness something suspicious, please don't hesitate to contact the police at 256-722-7100. For in progress situations call 911

We would much rather you call and it be nothing, than not call and be a victim of crime.

Alarm systems do deter thieves


B&E to Auto - Crime Prevention Tips

Don't be a victim of Crime, Lock it up every time!

You can prevent B&E to your vehicle by following a few basic steps

1. Try to park in a busy, well lighted area.

2. Do not leave any valuables in your car.  Criminals can't steal what's not there.

3. Ensure your vehicle is locked before you leave it.

4. Activate your car alarm or ant-theft device if you have one.

5. If you are consistent with these preventive measures, you will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

The police can't prevent crime by ourselves, we need your help. If everyone works together; we will reduce crime, make Huntsville more safe, and improve the quality of life we all enjoy.

 Remember protecting your property and helping prevent crimes is your responsibility.

  Copyright 2016 The City of Huntsville, Alabama           05-10-2016