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Huntsville, "The Rocket City", is located in North Alabama.  The Huntsville Police Department is located near the City's downtown business and historic districts. Huntsville has 3 Police Precincts, 421 sworn officers, 182 civilian personnel, and patrols an area of 213 square miles.

The City of Huntsville, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, has a population of more than 180,000.  Huntsville is governed by a mayor and a city council consisting of five council members elected by districts.

The Huntsville Police Department is a "Professional Law Enforcement Organization" utilizing modern technology, state of the art equipment and comprehensive training techniques.   The Department is an internationally accredited law enforcement agency through the "Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement" (CALEA).

The Huntsville Police Department employs individuals of diverse backgrounds, education and experience.  Candidates for employment are recruited from all areas of the country and from all walks of life.

"COURAGE, INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM" is a motto in which we take great pride throughout our career as law enforcement officers.


The Huntsville Police Department will serve our community by protecting life, liberty, property and defending the constitutional rights of all people with compassion, fairness, integrity, and professionalism.   


The Huntsville Police Department will provide the highest quality police services to our community and partner with our community to identify and resolve problems.  We will constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to enhance public safety and improve the quality of life for all people in Huntsville.

We will fulfill this vision by being efficient and firm in our pursuit of justice, tempered with empathy, compassion, and a conscientious respect for the diverse community we serve.  We will execute our duties in an impartial, ethical, and professional manner.  We will never stray from our path. 

Core Values

Professionalism:  We strive for excellence in our dedication to duty and our quality of service by adhering to the highest standards of the police profession.

Integrity:  We exhibit honesty and character through ethical conduct and moral behavior in our personal and professional lives.

Courage:  We pursue the mental, physical, and moral strength to resist opposition, withstand danger, fear, and adversity in the performance of our duty.

Knowledge:  We seek truth, awareness, and understanding through education, experience, and training.

Compassion:  We treat every person with respect and we demonstrate an empathetic understanding in our efforts to serve them.

Accountability:  We hold ourselves accountable for our performance and conduct; individually, to each other, our Department, our Government, and our Community.

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